Okay wikia, you are better than this and we all know it! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!


SERIOUSLY, you are featuring a wiki . . . that badly designed??!?!?! It has no custom logo or favicon, its front page is a complete and total mess.

also there is this small thing about it advocating criminal behavior

But honestly, that is one of the UGLIEST wikis I have EVER SEEN. Last time I had to get a wiki down there it took forever and I needed to have a laundry list of things that this wiki doesn't have . . . just . . . wow

I mean is a pot-leaf favicon too much for them? I mean really it is the obvious thing to do.

The whole thing is just . . . mind bogglingly incompetent, and how does one exactly put together that many pages on the topic?!?!?!

I could maybe squeeze 400 or 500 pages out of the topic at most, and that is providing logic and pages from BOTH sides of the argument, which this wiki clearly isn't doing.