Here are the latest technical updates on FANDOM. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

Major Bug Fixes

  • A variety of bug fixes and improvements for the page header area will go live, including:
    • Fixing italics support for the DISPLAYTITLE magic word.
    • Adding missing breadcrumb links on Message Wall pages.
    • Removing duplicate "redirected from" notices on blog pages.
    • Hiding the Explore menu's "Videos" link on wikis where Special:Videos is not available.
    • Adding the interlanguage links dropdown to blog posts.
    • Fixing a category display issue on French-language wikis.
  • A couple of fixes for Chat will go live, including:
    • Removing an extraneous <nowiki> tag from the <chat/> module.
    • Faster updates when the Chat-live2 message is edited.
    • Improving link encoding on the user menus.
  • We will fix an issue where Special:Forum failed to redirect correctly on wikis that have fully migrated to Discussions.

Other Notable Changes

Recent mobile app updates are listed on Apps Technical Updates, and detailed site CSS-related updates can be found at

  • After some team discussion, we will be allowing additions to the 'Edit' button dropdown via community JS.
  • The "prevent account creation" option on Special:Block will be removed. This option has not been functional for quite some time, since account creation is a global action and local blocks would have no effect.
  • Additional Chinese language options will become available when creating a new wiki.
  • In Discussions, admins and moderators using the web interface will have the option to hide already-deleted content.

Select Known Issues

  • Chat may be unavailable for a couple of minutes after these updates go live, while we work on releasing updated chat server code.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. And if you have additional bugs to report, please send them to us via Special:Contact.

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