Frustrated man

Creating a Wiki from scratch can be very frustrating sometimes...

Yes, we all know, starting a wiki from scratch could be one of the single most frustrating things in the world, but very rewarding if you succeed, expecially if you don't have any users to help you at first. Hopefully, this blog outlines some processes and ideas that will help your wiki flourish and achieve the potential it is capable of.

Before I start, I hear you ask, "Why do you think you know so much about founding wikis?", and so I answer. Since joining Wikia in October 7 2010, I have been an administrator on two wikis, and I have founded the Young Justice Wiki. Starting a wiki by myself was definitely rewarding in the sense of how much I learned, and how much I had to learn in order for the wiki to function smoothly. From this experience, I know what might help newer founders build the foundations of their own wiki, and I know that the features I have listed below will help current founders and admins alike, if Wikia would help to put the ideas into action.

Make draft policies available to founders and admins

When I started the Young Justice Wiki, and users began finding the wiki and started editing, I found myself in need of some policies to keep the growing community in order. So I began the tedious job of searching other wikis for policies, but since every wiki is different in some way or another, I found that most of them did not apply.

Due to this, I'd like to propose that Founder & Admin Central gather a group of admins from various wikis, to complete a series of draft policies for a wide array of possible issues, such as drafts for a;

  • Image policy
  • Blocking policy
  • Conjecture policy
  • Citing policy
  • Vandalism policy
  • Discussion policy
  • Protection policy
  • User blog policy
  • and even more!

Should these drafts be created, it makes new admins' jobs much easier when it comes to writing their own policies, as they have a vast resource of draft policies to take aspects from, and adapt into their own. Meighan has been really helpful to many admins in her contributions to Founder & Admin Central, and so I'd ask that other admins and bureaucrats help with this project, and let me know what you think of the idea. :)