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  • Razgriz Ghost

    Hello people. About half a year ago, I started a wiki called the World of War Wiki, which went on very well...until a serious vandal named DoomFangMan (he even impersonated the founder of a game company once) came as an IP address, and totally wrecked the main page. It said after that.

    NOTE: This should only be used by people who I, Razgriz Ghost, give permission to (but I can't use it). Anyone who wasn't invited into the project or is called Henrietta can go to hell. When, is NOW.

    World Of War is a series of stupid games made for different stupid consoles. It has not been released yet, but some data can be put (if you're stupid enough to belive me) , and more will be put as the air draws closer to hell. It will be used to provide the ultima…

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