Hello people. About half a year ago, I started a wiki called the World of War Wiki, which went on very well...until a serious vandal named DoomFangMan (he even impersonated the founder of a game company once) came as an IP address, and totally wrecked the main page. It said after that.

Welcome to the (abesolutely unnecessary) World Of War Wiki

NOTE: This should only be used by people who I, Razgriz Ghost, give permission to (but I can't use it). Anyone who wasn't invited into the project or is called Henrietta can go to hell. When, is NOW.

World Of War is a series of stupid games made for different stupid consoles. It has not been released yet, but some data can be put (if you're stupid enough to belive me) , and more will be put as the air draws closer to hell. It will be used to provide the ultimate experience of being in my ass.

Projects Currently Under Construction by MMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • World Air Force
  • World Armoured Division
  • World Navy Fleet
  • World Infantry Squad
  • World Space Conquest

Latest activity by evil nutcases and Henrietta the Dictator

I am a cowish cow, you see, so I made up World of War just to have fun. I hope you might enjoy this stupid prank at or or maybe even although the best is


I did not write the signature "I, Razgriz Ghost" near the top. Ever since, he started vandalising the wiki and even seriously insulting me on many wikis. He even made a fake adminbot so he could unban his other IP and user. I blocked all of them and removed adminship and bot, but is there any way to completely destroy revisions from the page history? I hidden them from non-admins, but is there any way to completely remove them? Thanks,

Razgriz GhostTalkContribs 20:27, September 4, 2012 (UTC)