So... where to begin? Oh! I know! Can someone stop the user known as: Zhoban, Odekrek, Refan33, Sega, etc. (there are too many names to mention). He once used the IP

That user owns tens, no, hundreds of accounts for "its" evil deeds (you can't call that evil, more like stupid or childish). "It" uses its numerous accounts to taunt other users, and, in short, it doesn't really care for any other user.

Here is what it wrote on the Silent Hill Wiki as User:Tdr47:

"You neglect one fact, Canadian bacon. I have access to numerous accounts and with them, I can happily tell you to go **** yourself. You and your loser Aussie and British prick friends will NEVER block me permanently. HA HA HA! :p"

You can see that I'm not talking on an ordinary person - that thing is a psychopathic evil genius. I've blocked many of this user's accounts on the Max Payne Wiki (on which I'm an admin), but it's no use, as "it" can create more accounts. (For more of this user's account, see [1].

This user's primary targets are the Max Payne Wiki and the Silent Hill Wiki.

Now, and I'm very serious on that subject, I'm asking the Wikia staff to locate/track down/find that thing's location. There's something not right in that user's mind, and it is cleary this user is a PUBLIC MENACE- regular blocking won't help in that case.

-- ILan (XDEditsHome ) 15:42, October 3, 2012 (UTC)