4 Easy Steps

  • Pre-write
  • Draft
  • Proofread
  • Finalize


  • "Pick a side."
  • Know your 'Audience'. Are they for the opposing side, Or are they undecided
  • Do your research. Know the evidence that supports your side, And the opposition's
  • Choose the best evidence.


  • Introduction. Grab your readers attention! Why not start with something unusual?
    • Clearly make your stand know
  • Body. Provide supporting details for each of your points (Have more than one). Also:Disprove the opposition's possible point/s
  • Conclusion. Restate your plea, encouraging your readers to choose your side. Alternative:Why not ask a question that provokes them to consider your stand.


  • Imagine yourself as the reader. Are you convinced?
  • Imagine yourself as the opposition. Would you be able to disprove your points?
  • Seek a fresh perspective. Have your friends read it and give you comments and suggestions.


  • Rewrite your essay correcting grammatical errors, improving your style and applying the necessary post proofreading changes.