Okay, I have a scienero here that I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to:

You create a page. (YAY!) You create a new category for it. Publish. You then categorize the page, but "uh-oh," the category you created has a typo or grammar miscalculation! What do you do?

The easiest way to do this is by asking an administrator, or admin (if you aren't one, already) to delete this category. Then you make a new category with the correct spelling of the word(s).

But, what if there was an EVEN EASIER way to deal with the problem in less time? I strongly ask for the help of the Wikia Staff to make an "answer" to this question. Anything could work, but, if you can, please make renaming categories a new option. I understand that the category presentation on the page is probably why we can't, but I think it can just redirect like regular pages do.


THE WIKIA STAFF MEMBERS WON'T DO IT OVER ONE USER! I NEED YOUR HELP! Please Refer to the Handy-Dandy poll below...

Rename Categories

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