Ok, so to whoever is reading my blog right now, I should warn you I have an obsession with Twilight. It's not like and over the top obsession with it, but it is deffinatly an obsession. I should also warn you that most of my blog posts will consist of something Twilight realated. Ok, now I will tell you a little bit about myself.

  • I am a huge Twilight fan (Obviously)
  • I still can't decide whether I'm Team Jacob or Team Edward
  • I'm obsessed with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner
  • My favorite Twilight movie is Breaking Dawn
  • I've seen all the Twilight movies at least 8 times or more
  • My favorite werewolf is Seth Clearwater
  • I keep all the Twlight cast members birthdays on my Breaking Dawn calendar
  • I know all the cast members birthdays by heart
  • My favorite vampire is Edward (besides Bella)
  • My favorite Human is Charlie (well besides Bella)

Ok so I can't think of anything else, but I will prepare and make a blog post just about me and my Twilight stuff!!!:) Keep you posted;)

Renesmeecullen13 out!!:)