Blue Metal SkinRed Metal Skin

Metal Chat Skins:

I've seen a lot of people use chat skins with a picture background + a transparent wall over it and that's the generic pattern people follow, I don't see much variety so I decided to share the skins I've made. They're different, easier on the eyes yet still has style.

Disclaimer: previous statements may or may not be true, chat skin appearances are always subjective to a person's taste... These chat skins were originally intended to be a personal project of mine, I am just sharing these for people who might like them. Thank you! :D

More Screenshots:

/// Dark Pink /// Yellow Brown /// Red /// Purple /// Green /// Blue Green /// Blue /// Black ///

How to install the skins:

I will post links to the codes below, all you have to do is pick a color and click on the link, copy all of the codes on (in the box at the bottom), go to your chat.css page and paste all of the codes there, click publish, refresh your chats (you may need to purge your cache) and then it should work.

You could also paste the codes here instead: global.css if you want the skin to be global, it would affect all of the chats that you go to on wikia.


Just pick one of these links and copy all the codes in the 2nd box at the bottom, titled "RAW Paste Data":

/// Black /// Blue /// Blue Green /// Green /// Purple /// Red /// Yellow Brown /// Dark Pink ///