Hello user. My name is Reverb frost  .Recently I and my team have started a very new wiki named as the Celebrityverse wiki  .Here you can know about the celebs all round the globe. You can know their history , latest rumors and lots more Your contribution to this wiki would be well appreciated and, since I am a bit new in this job so I would appreciate if I could give any suggestions on my wiki . We have just started it so we don’t have more than a few pages but I am sure that your contribution to this community would help us grow..

In case of any queries or consultancy you can always contact me and my team  .


Happy editing users!


P.S. we also need a content moderator.

(Also I am unable to add links to this page. I mean if I add any link and click publish it says that this page is harmful so the link to my wiki will be available in my profile. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.)