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1.When I go to chat there have been users that have said users have been teasing me when Im not on chat.Users:Randomtime,[Dont think he did it.]Godisme,Charwitwo[Actully saw one of his comments that was teasing me],Airhogs777, MonchoMan45,Airbot777, and they all blame teasing me on Rappy5817 because Rappy owes them money. Can anybody make the chat be a nicer place?Edit:I foud out how it was the pointless user Beyman23.

2.The Eddsworld Wiki needs someone to adopt it and admins to delete pages that are spam.If you are a admin and you like Eddswolrd please help us if you can.

3.On pages that are of media on wikis can we add a refrences section?

That is it.Thank you for reading.

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