So i have a wiki that i edited on a lot. But now the future of the wiki is up to me but the problem is it is not a subject you would get after a Google search. It is about everything relating to gaming including games,characters,cutscenes,journalism,etc. But the problem is i do not know how to get the aduince for it. It has 355 pages and if the wiki shut down i feel like i did all that work for nothing. I have tried messaging people to ask to edit there but most think it is spam and move on with thier lives. I need help but i do not know how to find my audience for this wiki. We used to have 12 people for a community, now we have 3. If anybody is wondering what this wiki is it is this: P.S. I tried a spotlight request and it didnt work because the founder did not do something for the wiki. Any suggestions?Reviewportal77 20:28, January 23, 2012 (UTC)