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Problems At Kinect Wiki

So the Kinect Wiki is featured as a spotlight on the Gaming Section of Wikia but there is many bad things that are happening to this wiki.

  1. No contributers.:That means no protection of spam.
  2. Sapmmers:Spammers come to the wiki as anonouymous users (people who come to Wikia without an account.) once a week by editing pages like Kinect Sports and saying Xbox 360 has bad games and the Kinect is sh***y,etc.
  3. Featured Spotlight:The spotlight is attracting spammers not contributers.
  4. No admins:I have done some resarch and tried to find an admin but all have failed.

Since this wiki is on it's last leg any contributers would be apprecaited unless they are spammers.

Note:(I am not trying to advertise this wiki.I barely even edit on it.But to see a wiki in this bad shape there needs to be help

Here is the link:

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