Greetings. I am Rick Sanhez, a bureaucrat and the founder of the current iteration of No Rules Wiki.

  • You can create whatever sort of page you want, so long as it does not violate Fandom's Terms of Use or U.S. law.
  • Pages are categorized by the creator of the page and year the page was created.
  • Despite the name, there are rules. The rules consist only of the minimum requirements for a wiki (no spam, vandalism, harassment, ToU violation or underage users)
  • Becoming a Bureaucrat requires community approval via a request. The same applies to demotion of a bureaucrat.
  • The current bureaucrats are Rick Sanhez, Originator156 and SpongeBot678.
  • A full list of staff can be found here.

At this point you may ask "Why are you creating this blog?". No one is active now besides a select few admins and bcrats. I'd rather not have the wiki die out due to lack of activity, so hopefully this blog might attract more contributors.

Thanks for reading.