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  • RisenPhoenix

    New Years Skype party!

    December 28, 2015 by RisenPhoenix

    Me and ChaoticShadow are throwing a Wikia New Year's party on Skype, and everyone is invited! (With a few exceptions.)

    If you:

    1. Have had an account on Wikia for about a week or so,
    2. Have not been recently banned from CCC, 
    3. Don't seem to be a troll

    Then you're invited!

    We plan to do a group Skype call during the countdown to the new year, UTC time. The call will be a video call if we have less than ten people participate, and a voice call if more.

    Interested? Here's how you join:

    1. Leave a comment with your Skype name, and most edited wiki,
    2. Me or CS will add you to our contacts,
    3. After you accept, we will add you to the group.

    Hope to see you there!

    Rider ranger47 talk ~ contribs 


    ChaoticShadow Talk  

    The call is over. See you next year!

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  • RisenPhoenix

    Ask me stuff

    November 20, 2015 by RisenPhoenix

    There. I did it. I must be losing my mind....

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  • RisenPhoenix

    Everyone knows about the special pages listed at Special:Specialpages. But here's a list of the ones Wikia forgot to mention. All of these pages can be used by normal users or admins.

    • Special:AllInfoboxes - Used by Infoboxmigration, all the templates it thinks are infoboxes.
    • Special:Blockme - Disabled
    • Special:Booksources - Search by ISBN number
    • Special:ComparePages - Compare two pages
    • Special:CreatePage - Create a page
    • Special:DMCARequest - Send a DCMA request to Wikia. (CC only)
    • Special:EmailTest - ?
    • Special:FinishCreate - Shows wiki creation message. (Admin only)
    • Special:Filepath - ?
    • Special:FileDuplicateSearch - Searches for duplicate files based on hash values.
    • Special:GlobalUsage - Searches global file usage
    • Special:HealthCheck - Shows sever stat…
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