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    Suggestion - Chat Log

    November 30, 2012 by Roads
    REWRITTEN 2-12-13

    When someone uses chat, their messages disappear forever once they quit, with no evidence of what they said remaining. This is a huge problem.

    On Ben 10 Fan Fiction there have been at least two huge arguments since I've been an admin over something that happened in the chat, one of which nearly tearing the wiki in two and driving away a good writer. None of them have been truly resolved to this day because there's no proof for either side's stories. It's always "You trolled so we banned you and then you socked so we banned you permanently!" and "No I didn't, I said 'Hi' and was banned!" thrown back and forth with no resolution.

    On Minecraft servers, however, everything in the server console—chat, commands, server messages, et…

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  • Roads

    You should be able to opt out of being part of the Achievements system in your user Preferences.

    I mean, I'm #1 on Ben 10 Fan Fiction. It's been that way for a long time. I didn't even try! And it may make the new users think that they edited like crazy to get that way, and they should spam, too. That, or it makes them lose hope and maybe not edit.

    So yeah.

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  • Roads

    Well, Achievements were started as a way to get users involved, and to help them make more edits and help the wiki. Well, this just doesn't quite work out all the time. It works great on some wikis, but not others. For starters, numbers just climb and climb until there's almost no hope for new users to even get close to the leaderboard. That, and it's an invitation to spam edits/categories, and there's no way for admins to control the badges to prevent this kind of cheating.

    That, and it works on the "feel good" theme, and for some, the "ends justify the means" theme. It's one thing to feel good about something, but thinking it actually does something in the long run is another. And no, ends (X-thousand points or so) do not justify the means (…

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  • Roads

    Roads' Ideas - Skin Name

    December 17, 2011 by Roads

    Okay, there's a big yet subtle debate on what the name of the default skin is. Some say Oasis, some say Wikia. I understand that Oasis was the name at first, but it was changed to Wikia. That's kinda stupid. The biggest reason is that having the skin name the same as the site is really confusing.

    So, I propose that it officially be changed to "Oasis."

    At least globally change the MediaWiki page for the skin name in the preferences to say "Wikia" or "Oasis" because "New Wikia Look" doesn't really apply anymore, a whole year after its release.

    ---****--- Roads 19:47, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Roads

    Some wikis—especially those with "-pedia" suffixes—don't refer to their wiki as, for example, Brickipedia Wiki (or really "Lego Wiki" in that case). So, I'm suggesting a new way for admins to easily customize the wiki's name.

    First of all, to the right of the wiki title box in the Wiki Creation Page, instead of saying "Wiki" after it (to show that "Wiki" will follow the title), there would be a check box option saying "Use the 'Wiki' suffix in the site name."

    In addition, for those wikis who want to change their site names, there would be a special MediaWiki page (or "System message" or whatever) called "MediaWiki:Sitename" (or something like that) that would say the site name, and also allow admins to easily customize it. (The URL would alw…

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