Well, Achievements were started as a way to get users involved, and to help them make more edits and help the wiki. Well, this just doesn't quite work out all the time. It works great on some wikis, but not others. For starters, numbers just climb and climb until there's almost no hope for new users to even get close to the leaderboard. That, and it's an invitation to spam edits/categories, and there's no way for admins to control the badges to prevent this kind of cheating.

That, and it works on the "feel good" theme, and for some, the "ends justify the means" theme. It's one thing to feel good about something, but thinking it actually does something in the long run is another. And no, ends (X-thousand points or so) do not justify the means (spam, spam, spam)!

So yeah. Share your thoughts on whether or not Achievements work on your wikis. I personally want them disabled on a wiki I'm an admin on, but too many people want them.

---****--- Roads 14:21,1/30/2012