Some wikis—especially those with "-pedia" suffixes—don't refer to their wiki as, for example, Brickipedia Wiki (or really "Lego Wiki" in that case). So, I'm suggesting a new way for admins to easily customize the wiki's name.

First of all, to the right of the wiki title box in the Wiki Creation Page, instead of saying "Wiki" after it (to show that "Wiki" will follow the title), there would be a check box option saying "Use the 'Wiki' suffix in the site name."

In addition, for those wikis who want to change their site names, there would be a special MediaWiki page (or "System message" or whatever) called "MediaWiki:Sitename" (or something like that) that would say the site name, and also allow admins to easily customize it. (The URL would always need a contact message to change.) This MediaWiki page would also store the project namespace ("talk" would be inserted after it for its talk page namespace).

So, what do you think of this idea?

Roads (The Techical Update we've all been waiting for: category redlinks are back! *sigh*) 23:08, October 17, 2011 (UTC)