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  • Roberttaylor5551

    Hey-ho, it's still me! After all this time I'm back with good news about my parents and my hobby. Sorry for I'm lost, but sometimes it was difficult and thorny way.

    My parents bought new premises for restaurant, bigger than before and really stylish! We have many clients, at evenings especially. Chinese food is so popular in Miami, because it's fast, delicious and spicy.

    Yesterday my best friend Jamie asked me: «Hey Jackal, which cooking you want to teach after Chinese?» And, hmmm, it's good question because I don't know. Japanise – yep, it's cool and special, Italian – maybe, it's a chic. But maybe Norwegian or Swedish?

    North cooking in trend right now, but it's very hard to make. What do you think, my followers?

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  • Roberttaylor5551

    Hi everyone, i'm John from Miami, 24 y.o., but my friends call me Jackal. This is my new (second) blog – my first was about private life, and this journal is really special. My parents are chefs in the chinese restaurant, and I study cooking of different countries.

    Cooking is my biggest hobby, business of all my life. I hope that I will open my own italian restaurant after few years – italian food is my passion, and I can cook many dishes of it right now. How about others? Not bad, but italian is first :)

    What you can find in my blog? Food, more food, please, just more food. My favorite dishes are ice-cream, pasta, ravioli. Also I really good cook sushi and sashimi, bcs Japan is my old love from childhood (yes, I like anime, if you know what…

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