Hi everyone, i'm John from Miami, 24 y.o., but my friends call me Jackal. This is my new (second) blog – my first was about private life, and this journal is really special. My parents are chefs in the chinese restaurant, and I study cooking of different countries.

Cooking is my biggest hobby, business of all my life. I hope that I will open my own italian restaurant after few years – italian food is my passion, and I can cook many dishes of it right now. How about others? Not bad, but italian is first :)

What you can find in my blog? Food, more food, please, just more food. My favorite dishes are ice-cream, pasta, ravioli. Also I really good cook sushi and sashimi, bcs Japan is my old love from childhood (yes, I like anime, if you know what I mean).

I will write about:

  • restaurant of my parents;
  • recipes from different countries;
  • my new original recipes.

Welcome – and bon appetit!