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    With any good wiki, the thing that sets it apart the most from all other wikis (besides the content, of course) is its color scheme.

    A color scheme is the first thing anyone notices when they visit your wiki. It subliminally sends a signal to the reader about the wiki. The tone, the topic, etc.

    Generally different colors send different tones. A good tip to try and give your wiki less of a tone based look is to use a more varied color scheme. If your wiki is just monochrome then it tends to just send out one tone, while a multiple color, color scheme gives your wiki more of a sophisticated look.

    For example a wiki with these as its color scheme, wouldn't come off as too impressive.

    However a wiki with a color scheme like this would look a bit m…

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    With Answers Wikis one thing that many people may notice is that the person asking the question is unable to provide a description for their question, which can cause problems with complicated questions.

    Recently while working on the Nintendo Answers Wiki I came up with a solution for this problem. I found that if the answer page is used by the asker to describe their question and the comment system is used to answer the question it seems to work better. Also since the page has a description it can have categories added to it, so even un-answered questions can be categorized.

    To add this system to your answers wiki you need to do these things.

    • Change MediaWiki:Answer_this_question to "Describe your question:".
    • Enable the comment system on the …
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