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June 5, 2012
  • Roselina4587

    Many people question: who's stronger? Goku or Vegeta? Many people take this to be a obvious fact. it's Goku. But many people still argue. So im here, seriously as a vegeta fan, to tell you who's stronger by proofs and by detail.

    First up, when the saiyans were arriving in dragon ball z kai, Goku had died and as vegeta said: "When a saiyan recovers from an injury his power increases" so goku's death prooved a power boost. second he was training with King kai all the time while Vegeta (and Nappa) were crammed in a tiny space pod. So Goku had become really strong, but not enough to defeat the great saiyan ape.Vegeta's normal form had a gap between goku's power, and that's why his only choice to win was the great saiyan ape. After that fight, n…

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