Many people question: who's stronger? Goku or Vegeta? Many people take this to be a obvious fact. it's Goku. But many people still argue. So im here, seriously as a vegeta fan, to tell you who's stronger by proofs and by detail.

First up, when the saiyans were arriving in dragon ball z kai, Goku had died and as vegeta said: "When a saiyan recovers from an injury his power increases" so goku's death prooved a power boost. second he was training with King kai all the time while Vegeta (and Nappa) were crammed in a tiny space pod. So Goku had become really strong, but not enough to defeat the great saiyan ape.Vegeta's normal form had a gap between goku's power, and that's why his only choice to win was the great saiyan ape. After that fight, noone won and Goku was sent to the hospital, and he has 'recoverd' from his injury and while flying to Namek was training, so guys who much power he would have got! Vegeta also got power but still couldn't patch up the power gap.

At Namek, after series of battles, ginyu has hurt Goku and this is however Vegeta's fault, that Vegeta had taken Goku to a kind of healing chamber, thus again making Goku stronger.

Also because of Krillin Goku turned into a super saiyan later, but noone has figured out that if Vegeta would have never healed Goku or fought with him at Earth, Goku would have never turned into a super saiyan and freiza would have won. Vegeta is determined and serious, unlike Goku's goofy and gentle character. Goku takes the fights as Fun. And knows when an openent is strong and when he is not. But still under 500 times gravity he trains!

After the Cell saga, seven years later, Vegeta trained madly, without spending anytime with Bulma. And Goku? Unfairly got his body in the otherworld and was training madly too. And when vegeta died? Did he get his body when he sacrificed himself against fat buu? No. Only when king Yemma wanted him to go to Earth and fight magin buu, his body was restored. It's just unfair. If the writer would have given Vegeta his body while he was dead, logic would have made him a ssj3 too.

Sadly to some and Happily to some, Goku is actually stronger than Vegeta in an unfair way by the writer. Debate closed. But Vegeta is a true warrior. Someone who is the universe's second strongest. Anyway that's all!