"Can this be helpful for the world?"

My days here in Arizona has been great and being a full-blooded Navajo. I am 16 years old and I have a great life here and with family. I am the secondest oldest in my family. I achieve goals and understand peoples' feelings when they're upset. My mother wants me to become a school couselor when I grow up. My future is not ready just yet. I am in high school. I sometimes go on the internet for help. So can it be helpful or bad?

My teacher Ms. Barrett told the whole class to search up what is the future is going to be like? So I said," Well it's up to the government to know what is right or wrong." Then she said, " Roshena, it's not the government. It's you that has to change some things in the future." I was sitting there and thinking about it. 

By the time I got home, I run to my room and started researching. I already knew that all my classmates were going to use the internet for the assignment. I tried everything but no answer? I texted my friends that I needed some help but they're also struggling. I wanted to give up but I don't want to fail. SO I stayed up all night. When it was 3 in the morning I was so tired I clicked a link and there it was...Wikia. I read every word and it made sense. I hurried and typied an essay and create my topic. My topic was "Internet good enough? Or is Wikia?"

I explained my details, opinions, statements, and achieving goals. My teacher says my work was exquisite and devine. She gave me an A++!! I was so happy so if I need help it's always Wikia.