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  • My occupation is keeping this profile picture for once
  • I am thinking why wikia want you to give out person info
  • Ross37


    November 18, 2015 by Ross37

    Cookies; the thing we hate. There are so many third party cookies for this site, can you guys make your OWN ads site (ex: cuz seriously, so many third parties.

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  • Ross37

    Hello Wikians!

    You might get a yellow caution sign and a bar saying 'confirm your email to get started on wikia' or something like that. What you need to do is go into your email. Then, click where it says "Hello {USERNAME}, YOU'RE SO CLOSE to getting started on wikia. Click here to confirm..." Click there and you will be sent to your profile page. Then it should show the default image and your profile. Then if you log out and log back in and have the same problem, then go to any wiki. What you need to do now is log out, click 'log in' and make sure you get your password WRONG to proceed. You should be taken to a screen that says "Oops, try re-entering your password and try again!" So, click Forgot My Password. It should say, "We emailed a t…

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  • Ross37

    Adopting A Wikia

    September 12, 2015 by Ross37

    Adopting a wikia is easy, but also hard. I created this blog to tell you about adopting a wikia. So lets get started!

    Rules Of Adopting Before You Adopt

    • The Wikia has to be at least 2 months old.
    • You must have been editing there for 1/2 weeks.
    • If someone else has been editing there for a while, you can still adopt it.

    Do's And Don'ts

    • Don't just request for admin or bcrat rights because you want it.
    • Do make good edits only.
    • Don't vandalize the wiki then adopt it.
    • Do make pages for un-added templates.
    • Do help other people.
    • Don't be mean to other contributors

    There are more do's and don'ts that you probably know, but some you don't know. You can also ask helpful contributors to become rollback/moderator/admin/bcrat if you want, but make sure you trust t…

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  • Ross37

    Wikia has an app as most of you know. And it is only available on Iphone. Though, you can get a separate app with one wikia only (Example: five nights at freddy's wiki). So, those apps are for android and ios that don't have the my wikia app but they might have it in the future.

    If you find a bug with the app, go to Special:Contact/bug

    The app is very popular and most contributors are on wikia. About 60% of users are on mobile using wikia (as said by wikia). So there might be some bugs that might not be reported by mobile because it isn't like deskstop because you can't type a URL fast.

    I am not staff so if you have any questions please ask local wikia staff.

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  • Ross37

    Wikia Is Illuminati

    August 26, 2015 by Ross37


    Wikia has 5 letters


    Staff has 5 letters


    0 looks like the illuminati eye


    pool has an o

    the o looks the eye of illuminati

    Wikia Illuminati confirmed

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