Hello Wikians!
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You might get a yellow caution sign and a bar saying 'confirm your email to get started on wikia' or something like that. What you need to do is go into your email. Then, click where it says "Hello {USERNAME}, YOU'RE SO CLOSE to getting started on wikia. Click here to confirm..." Click there and you will be sent to your profile page. Then it should show the default image and your profile. Then if you log out and log back in and have the same problem, then go to any wiki. What you need to do now is log out, click 'log in' and make sure you get your password WRONG to proceed. You should be taken to a screen that says "Oops, try re-entering your password and try again!" So, click Forgot My Password. It should say, "We emailed a temporary password..." then CTRL+C the temporary password and CTRL+V it into the password box (NOTE: This needs to be in a NEW tab). Log out and back in. You should be able to access wikia without that happening. But if this doesn't work, contact wikia via Special:Contact.

Thank you for reading my blog!