Hello everyone, I'm RoxLove15 and I have recently created a new wiki for the animated movie Leap!, otherwise called Ballerina in some countries. A link to my wiki is provided below:!_Wiki

Leap! Wiki is a wiki which is free to be edited by anyone who would like to contribute. As it is a fairly new wiki it does not yet contain many pages but I hope that it can be expanded in the future by members who wish to join this wiki. Leap! revolves around the story of protagonist Félicie Milliner, played by actress Elle Fanning, as she battles to conquers her dreams of ballet. It is a heartwarming movie which delivers a inspirational message of never giving up on your dreams and is a movie which can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. Leap! (or Ballerina) was initially released in France.

In creating this wiki, I hope that fans everywhere of Leap! can discover a place to share their thoughts and ideas on the movie.

Thank you, RoxLove15.