I don`t understand, lost of people make fan art. Then someone steals their art. Lots of people like then they get radded out. I don`t have a DA, but I have seen this alot. Someone steals someone else picture & they put a link tosomeone`s profile to say that they are stealing there are when they are stealing that persons art. I mean, really? is it that hard to tell who`s is who`s? Just try to look at it if you seen it somewhere else. I know this does not make sens

Grojband Corey Poses 005

I made this picture myself with using iPiccy. You can even see this picture on my Blingee, I'm BlackButler101 on Blingee

e, but.. Is it even possible to get people to like you`re stuff that you post then make them tell you things that should not said?