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  • I live in What shall stay a stalker-free zone
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Shipping roleplay cats with superheros
  • I am Left-handed, and enjoying our international day
  • Runningfireclawheart

    Hello, my name is Wolfblaze. A few months back, a user I know founded a wikia called WeAreWarriors,but now I am  an admin there.

    WeAreWarriors is a Fanfictions and Roleplaying wikia for Erin Hunter's Warriors Cats book series, which is about four Clans of of cats that live in the forest, and the different generations of main characters. So far, it has four completed series, a series that just started, a completed book series about the founding of the Clans, some manga books, special editions, and field guides. So, about fifty or sixty books total.

    Right now, we have three Clans for roleplaying, none of which are ones from the books. The Clans are called RockClan, StormClan, and CaveClan. All three of the Clans are roleplayed from time to time,…

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  • Runningfireclawheart

    Ask me

    November 1, 2015 by Runningfireclawheart

    So, you can ask me almost anything, and I will answer anything as long as it isn't personal.

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  • Runningfireclawheart

    My wiki

    July 11, 2015 by Runningfireclawheart

    I had never heard of the wiki for wicked, and since wicked is one of the topics I like best, I made a wiki, for wicked. I knew that there were most likely a bunch of things called wicked, and at the time I had no idea about wicked the book, just the play, so I made a wiki just for the play. I called it Wickedplay wikia, (the link is [1],). And then I found wiki for wicked, I love that one, but I really love the wikia that I founded.

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  • Runningfireclawheart

    Hello, I just wanted to say, that in the short time I have edited wikia, I have had tons of fun editing on wikia.

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