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Hey all! I'm here looking for litterature lovers, awesome authors, and coniseurs of book cuisine, to help build up my favorite place: Bookwyrm wiki. We're a small community at the moment, though we all hope to grow, with your help. Our wiki is dedicated to books: reading them, sharing our favorites, learning about the authors, helping each other with writing projects of our own, and any other sub-topic to do with the litterary format. Any format of book is welcome: your favorite psychology book, Aristotle perhaps, or maybe you prefer Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Tamora Pierce, or J. K. Rowling? The only rule about adding a book: make it one you enjoyed! Bookwyrm wiki is also quite open to user works: fan fics, poetry, short stories, and more. Share your work with us! As a community of litterature lovers, we may even be able to give you some pointers, if you want.

Please, join us, and help us build a library of classical, modern, fantastical, scientific, and just plain random, wonderful, Books!


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