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  • S.P.Carter

    A Continuing Saga

    November 8, 2009 by S.P.Carter
    A Continuing Saga:Musica Chronica..... .....So,it begins.In a brillant rainbow hued flash of light,from a restive slumber the Young Man awakens (or so it seems....).Unbeknownst to him there are forces beyond the current grasp of his understanding that have catapulted the Young Man smack dab into the very center of his own personal universe. A lifelong love affair with Music in its many and varied,defined and undefined genres has given the Young Man a deeper understanding of the world around him...insights,opinions,absurdities and all things real or imagined...raised many questions within him...given a few answers along the way...enlightened him,enraged him,comforted him...opened his mind. But,alas he cannot read,nor write,nor play a n… Read more >

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