• SOMEGUY476

    Good question. Click the rectangle that says 'start a wikia' in the top right corner. It is by your notification bell. Then fill out the wikia form. Name your wikia, what genre, whats it about, etc.

    These users are marked as 'A Wikia Contributor.' For example, if i looked up User:, he would be marked as an anon. The is his IP. You can check a users IP by requesting it to one of the Wikia Staff. You can also via Contact Wikia for other issues with anons.

    The wiki navagation is a box when you click 'contribute' then look at the bottom and there is 'edit wiki navigation'. You see your page tabs and categories. If you put 2 'stars' (*) by it, it will become a category. If then you put a 3 stars (*) below the 2 starred cat…

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