• STEAMINGjasmine

    For some reason the Nightmare version of Balloon Boy looked more like JJ to me.

    1) Their hats: The hat on Nightmare BB resembles both JJ's and BB's. It uses BB's red stripes and JJ's purple stripes. The propeller (thingy) is BB's dark blue pant color and the round thing that holds them together is yellow like JJ's.

    2) The shirt: Same goes for the colors of Nightmare BB's shirt/hat - red and purple stripes. The buttons seem to be dark blue (like BB's pants).

    It seems that both are a combination...

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  • STEAMINGjasmine

    FNaF 4 Theories

    October 27, 2015 by STEAMINGjasmine

    Somethings are yet to be discovered, and somethings are well hidden. I have a couple of theories that either you have thought of or not.

    1) The four bullies ARE the nightguards:

    I've thought this one through many times and made the conclusion that it was them.

    ~ The older brother is the Pink Guy - As you see in one of the FNaF 2 mini games, this particular pink character looks nothing like Purple Guy and is hanging out by Pirate Cove. The brother, of cours, wears the Foxy mask.

    ~ The boy with the Bonnie mask is Mike Schmidt. I made the conclusions by their clothing. And of course by Scott Cawthon's descriptions on these characters, yet Mike has hair (I'll get to that later on).

    ~ The boy in the Chica Mask is Jeremy Fitzgerald. He seemed to be o…

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