Oh wait, you don't know who I am. Duh!

Hello, guys and girls out there! My name is SabrinaCarpenterLove, and I am the founder of JD: Meant To Be Wiki. I created this beauty back in February. I'm proud of the content- but the community needs to grow.

That's where you guys come in. You might not know what JD: Meant To Be Wiki is. Here's the plot.

JD: Meant To Be Wiki is a wiki that:

1) Is based on a fanmade show, and

2) Was created by SabrinaCarpenterLove (me).

The wiki contains content about our episodes, some of our characters, and our songs. We are currently working on ship pages. We have Demancer down, and WE NEED MORE!!! You can see the episode of School Dance and talk to our fellow admins for details if you want to help with our ship pages (but I will tell you this instant, one of our characters don't need a couple ship page. That queen doesn't need a king), just don't make it bad.

Our users are nice, too. Sure, we had two troubling conflicts (one with an episode plot and one with- hey, why don't you go find out yourself, mmkay), but other than that, we're a picture perfect community. With a few inactive people. Okay, so maybe we're not that picture perfect, but you know.

The reason why our wiki is running into a burnng building is because with more and more people being inactive (and an edit being made every few hours or so), we are down to only a few users. And that's not good. So, I would like for you to try and make great contributions to JD: Meant To Be Wiki today. Oh, and while you're reading this blog, please feel free to check out this video below. The song is in an episode.

Sabrina Carpenter - Smoke and Fire (Official Video)03:47

Sabrina Carpenter - Smoke and Fire (Official Video)