Hello, everybody out there! My name is Sabrina and welcome to a fresh blog! This week, I will be doing something very special: answering questions asked by you guys! Yes, that's right. Might not be as exciting as having a question answered by Charli XCX, Justin Timberlake, or Gwen Stefani, but hey, at least I can stop being bored for a while.

How you ask: You might say, "Well, you ask. Duh!" No. Not a good reply. You ask a question and make sure it follows my question guidelines below! If they do, your question will be answered by me and both the question and my answer will be on my userpage under the question section. If it doesn't, I will ask you to remove your question. Now, for the guideline:

1. The question must be appropriate. No question like, "Do you like big milkshakes bouncing up and down?" I can't answer those. And no, you may not use the excuse, "My sister did it." 

2. No excuse at all!

3. I am not responsible for your question not being answered. Unless nobody edited my userpage. Then you can throw me into the ocean.

I can't think of anything else. But have fun!