Ok so I have the strangest family in the world I swear. If you comapred us to a circus, my mother would be the ringleader, my step dad the lion tamer, my cousin Dana (who is always at our house avoiding his wife) would be the creepy clown that follows everyone. My sister would be the pretty juggler that stands on the back of the horse while it canters around the ring, my two brothers would be the clowns that are always beating each other up, and me well that depends. Normally, I'm the sword swallower, but I tend to be the lion that needs taming half the time. The worst part is: I have multiple personalities who all are in love with different people. One is in love with my recent ex, another with my current bf, and another with and ex of mine who happens to be my best friend. At least I hope he's still my best friend. Only because we've been getting into a lot of fights because part of him likes me but the other part doesn't. Don't ask. If that hasn't made you say 'huh?' yet get this. I'm kinda cheating on my recent ex with my bf, because i'm helping my recent ex cheat on his girl. How in the world do I manage all of this and get my homework done i have no clue.