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  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is Programmer, Contributor
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  • Sam1207

    Fix the Editor!

    March 13, 2012 by Sam1207

    I usually use the source editor to edit pages, but I use the normal interface when not writing code. However, lately I have stopped. The rich text editor is riddled with bugs, many of which I am experiencing by writing this. I think that Wikia should put a hold on fixing the extra features such as chat and make the editor stable first. Remember, people at Wikia, that the final content of pages is more important than the features! This is a Wiki after all, where being able to write articles without problem should be top priority!

    Please comment!

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  • Sam1207

    Wikia Skins

    March 6, 2012 by Sam1207

    Hello everyone.

    Who else agrees with me that Wikia Founders and Admins can make a default skin for the Wiki? I, to be honest, don't like the new skin, as I started editing back in the days of Monaco and Monobook, when Wikis looked like professional projects! I think we should be given the option to change between them instead of having to stick with Wikia's chosen one. Wikis are a place where the community makes decisions, so why can't they have a say in the look of the Wiki?

    Also what annoys me about the new skin is the general style. I'm all for easy to use for people new to Wikis, but Wikia is slowly turning into Facebook with all of it's new features and styles. We should have more control!

    Please leave a comment!

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  • Sam1207

    Hello readers, I've not written a Community Central blog post before, but I thought I should use my experiences on Wikia to inform other users of an issue which is happening all the time across, probably, all Wikis.

    Walker2000 recently posted a blog post about being under 13 and using Wikia. The truth is, the Staff and administrators have no idea of the real genuine ages of people editing.

    So the reason I have decided to write this blog post is to inform readers of the unbelievable number of people, who, despite editing on Wikia, are under the legal age. They are breaking laws, but because any age can be entered in account creation, Wikia mostlty relies on honesty for new users to sign up and edit.

    I guess what I'm trying to do is explain to …

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