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Happy new year!!!

Happy new year Wikia!!! Its 2015!!! Lots of things are gonna be new in 2015!! And its here. JUST WAIT TILL 2016 WIKIA!!! Wikia will grow and lots of people will join and share with facebook or twitter. Remember guys cotnact to Facebook or twitter to Share with friends! They will tell their there other friends, and Wikia will GROW like a flower. Wikia is one of those sites that will grow each year in stay up forever by 2017 i guarentee There would be 100 Million users. Edleast estimated :) Now All you Wikia users prepare for 2015, Its gonna be a blast like a firework! ;D I love you Wikia! #Wikia4ever :)                                                                                                                                                                                       D

Well, If all you Wikia users come together and share the news! EVERYONE around the world would know about this site and enjoy it! 

So, Just do what I suggested of youw ant to Wikia be one of the greatest sites in the world, But if you dont have a twitter of facebook... Just email you friends! Anything to get them started on Wikia! Cause every user loves this site as much as I do. I guarantee it will GROW! 


So if your reading this, You can do what I said to make it grow.

Hope you read the whole thing and understood.

Sincerley, SamanthaLovespie110

Ayyy.. I remeber my first blog post.

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