My mission for the use of technology is to enhance has a teacher the capabilities to fulfill the numerous roles and responsible associated with being an educator. I believe in the using technology to support the presentation of instruction s to students. Because I think that effective use of technology and media demands that teachers be better organized in advance , first thinking  trough their objectives , the altering the everyday classroom routine as needed, and finally evaluating to determine the impact of instructions on metal abilities, feelings, values, interpersonal skills, and motor skills.

My mission is also for classroom to be students centered, now because when instruction are students centered, the primary users of technology and media are the students themselves. This I believe that teachers would spend more time on assessing and directing students learning. Also to be a teacher that understands general literacy. This is the ability to understand, comprehend and decode information and to use, transform and create new information.    

Another mission for me is to move from traditional teaching method and tool to digital approaches that better meet the needs of the 21st century students. Students are now born in the digital age therefore we as teachers has to use what they are use to.

Learning is the development of new knowledge, skills, or attitudes as an individual interact with information and the environment. And as another great mission I want to be competent in the use of technology in teaching students.  I want to provide social interaction ect to my students. It was once said all good things come to an end but with technology there is no end. We have to be bold, be strong and do what we have to do with technology. Also as teachers we should always protect the properties of a computer by making sure everything should be how it should be at all times.