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Should Admin Have Term Limits or No?

Sandgar June 22, 2016 User blog:Sandgar

This is a concept some people have thrown around. It would be a way to bring in new admin or keep really good admin in power. I just want peoples opinions on if we should be able to have term limits, which at the end of these terms, there would be a reelection of an admin, and if an admin is voted out, then a new admin will be voted in. This is just an opinion vote, and does not have binding effects. The options to vote on are:

  1. All admin, including bcrat must have a term, and can't be reelected after the term for a certain period of time.
  2. All admin have a term that they are free from demotions or recalls, but when the term ends they must be reelected. They can be reelected as many times as they want.
  3. Admin do not have terms, but a vote can be posted to see if the admin is still fit to be an admin every two months if requested by a certain amount of users.
  4. No term limits and demotion polls only way to make admins leave their position other then resignation.

This is purely for opinion, and debate of what the perfect system is.

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