• SannaSK

    Sanna Vs Lua - Round 1

    April 18, 2015 by SannaSK

    Hi. I'm Sanna. Technically, I made this username several years ago, but I didn't really start editing in earnest until Feb 2015. I spend almost all my time on the Disgaea Wiki. I have a shallow background (spread over nearly 20 years) in HTML, CSS, and PHP/MySQL, and still Wikicode threw me for multiple loops. There is logic, but there's enough finicky fiddly-bits to be really frustrating. It feels like documentation is either sporadic, or nub-unfriendly. I always meant to go through and write up blog posts about the things I was learning -- the goal I had, the way to not do it, and the right Wikicode way to get done what I was trying to do. I Googled up massive amounts of pages when trying to learn how to make templates, and sometimes, other…

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