This week we are starting a new volunteer program at Wikia. The Spam Task Force will be a group of users with access to tools to help them find and clean up spam across Wikia. They will be able to delete pages, block spammers, and to limit commonly used spam titles. However, they won't be admins - local issues will still be the responsibility of local admins. The Task Force will only get involved when there is spam or vandalism to help clear up, and will not be involved in user disputes or any of the many other admin tasks.

The first volunteer will be Eulalia, who will then be able to help those who already track down spam problems. If all goes well, more volunteers will be added in the new year.

Because this is a pilot project, we aren't looking for more volunteers at the moment. But there is the possibility that this scheme will expand in the future. In the mean time, anyone can help with spam. We have a wiki at which the Spam Task Force will watch. The wiki is semi-locked for technical reasons, but you can request editing rights at

Hopefully this new group will make a big difference to the problem of spam on wikis!

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