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There's been some confusion recently on what is and isn't allowed on Community Central's blogs, so I thought I would do a quick blog to explain.

The best blog posts are things that are on-topic. That means they are about Wikia, its communities and Community Central. These are eligible to earn a Community Highlight, and are likely to be of the most interest to the most people. They could be help blogs that explain how to do something on Wikia, blogs about a specific community and what exciting things are going on there, promotions of a wiki to try and reach new people, or just blogs about you and your Wikia life. Anything related to Wikia and its communities is great!

We also welcome introduction blogs. If you are new to Wikia, or just to Community Central, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us what communities you have found, or just tell us your interests and we may be able to suggest communities you might like.

While we much prefer on-topic blogs, we do accept some off-topic blogs. As long as they are occasional and not too many, you can blog about anything that interests you. Perhaps the Central community will be able to suggest wikis that match your topic - we'll try and find something that suits. If you write a lot of off-topic blogs, then we may ask you to go to a more suitable community to post. We want to keep things mostly on-topic where we can. Off-topic blogs are not eligible for Community Highlights.

Sometimes someone adds a question as a blog rather than going to the forum. We want people to get answers so it's okay to answer these, but it's also okay to politely point to the forums for future questions.

And then there are times when someone uses the blogs for a school projct. That's another time where we would want to redirect people to a better space - for example they might create a new wiki for it. Staff and admins will sometimes delete these and leave a note on the author's message wall to explain why. We also do this for most one-line blogs and all blank blogs.

And the final group, of course, is spam. That often includes long rambling posts that, even though they don't have links, are still spam. Staff and admins will delete these.

The blogs are patrolled regularly, so there shouldn't be a need for deletion templates and so on. A short, personal comment is always better than a template.

The blogs have grown and improved drastically over the last year or so, So I'm looking forward to seeing what you write about next!