Hi Everyone,

We're making some changes today to the Community Central admin team and the VSTF, so that we have an updated group to take us in to the next year. Many wikis leave inactivate or departing admins in place, but here on Central we want to try to make it very clear who the admins are and where new visitors can find help.

So we've been discussing this with everyone in the two groups, and making sure we have the right people in place.

Of the current admins, Dantman and Godisme will be leaving the group. We want to say many thanks to both of them for all their help, and we wish them all the best in their other projects. See you around Wikia guys!

BlueDevil, Randomtime, and Robin Patterson have agreed to continue as admins here, and we have two new admins joining us: The 888th Avatar and Cook Me Plox. Welcome both, and thanks for agreeing to be a part of the team.

Of the VSTF, Exlex, Jaymach, Ose, and Peteparker will be leaving the group. All will still be around of course, and we would love to have them back on the team if all that Real Life stuff gets out of the way ;) We hope to announce new members for the VSTF very soon!

So thank you to all of you that have volunteered to help in these roles - past, present and future. You make a big difference to Wikia and your fellow Wikians.