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How do you want to watch blogs

Sannse January 27, 2010 User blog:Sannse Google

Hi All,

As you’ve seen we are using the staff blog regularly now. And many more people are visiting to find out what’s happening on Wikia. But one big problem with the blog feature so far is that there's no easy way to know about a new blog post (although you can watch individual posts once they have been written and be notified of new comments.)

There seem to be two possible solutions to this: we could add a RSS feed to the blogs, which would let you see new posts in your RSS reader, or we could add a watchlist function to blog listings. This would mean new posts would show on Special:Watchlist and trigger an email to those that have that option set.

So the question is, which would you prefer? Which would you use most? All feedback appreciated!

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