Wikia University full

Today I want to introduce a new resource for everyone wanting to know more about Wikia and how to use it. Wikia University is an ongoing series of video tutorials, ranging from introductions for those brand new to Wikia, to more advanced help on the trickier aspects of the Wikia world.

Each course will be based around a different skill level and area of interest, with short class videos to teach exactly what you need to know to get on. The videos are quick and helpful, and based on the topics we see the most questions about

The idea is to give you another way to find information, alongside the help pages and question/answer areas like the forums and chat. Everyone has a different way of learning, and hopefully these new videos will bring the knowledge to a whole new group of visual learners

Check out the main Wikia University page for the first of the videos. So far, we have covered some basics about Wikia's features, moving around a wikia page, and making your first edit. Of course, these are introductions for people brand new to Wikia, probably not the people reading this blog! But later courses will cover more advanced topics - including regular questions from the forums like how to set up infoboxes and editing the navigation

These first videos are a great place to point people who are very new to Wikia, and help them get started on their Wikia travels. You may also want to consider linking to the Wikia University page from your wikia in a place easily found by your newest visitors

And, of course, if you think there is a topic we should cover in this series, please let us know!

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