Hi All,

Those of you using custom skins on your wikis may have noticed the blue tint on the header of the new "Latest Activity" box, and the gray footer. These work well with the basic "Monaco Sapphire" scheme, but not so well with some custom looks. This blue is also used for the user page masthead, and will be used for future skin elements as well.

What we forgot to do, was update the help files to tell you how to change this color, and to send out a message to let you know of the adjustment. Some wikis have made the change already, and are looking great! But some of you may want to update your css pages to match the "tint" and "neutral" classes to your overall color scheme.

If you use one of the pre-set schemes, then you don't need to change anything. If you use a custom scheme, and don't feel the blue tint and gray work for your wiki, then please look at the customizing monaco help page for details on how to adjust the colors.

I'm sorry we didn't inform you of this change and get instructions on customizing to you sooner. Please mail us via Special:Contact if you need any help with changing the skin to fix this.

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