On Wednesday, we will be moving to the next stage of the roll-out of the new look. The first step will be to switch everyone using Monaco to the new look. We want to make sure that everyone has had a full chance to see it and try it out before the final switch over. If you want to use Monaco for a bit longer, you can change back again via your preferences until November 3rd.

After this, we’ll begin a gradual roll-out of the default setting, with wikis being converted in groups over the coming days. Once this stage is complete, all logged out visitors will see the new look when they visit Wikia.

Included in this release are many changes, including making the Wikia spotlights less prominent on the sidebar -- this will go live next week. In response to your feedback, we’ve also recently changed the font size, spacing and contrast to make the text more comfortable to read. Admins now have a way to exclude images from the photo gallery and to control the categories shown at the top of a page. There’s also been a ton of work done on site speed. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on these and other aspects of the new look. We can’t include all your suggestions but it’s certainly been useful to hear your views.

To ensure that everyone can quickly find the information they need, this post allows for comments by staff only; we’ll be using the space for quick updates on the roll-out. Normal commenting will return with our next post. Thank you for your patience as we roll out the new look. If you find a bug, please send a message to Special:Contact.

Update: Like announced we will switch all remaining international Wikis starting on November 3rd, 9:00 UTC (Wikis in English, Spanish and German language are already switched). Users in this languages are able to switch back to Monaco in their personal preferences until November 10th to ensure a smooth transition.

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