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If you're reading this, then you're already familiar with staff blogs here on Community Central. You're reading one right now, after all! But do you know what else Community Central has to offer? There's lots to do here beyond reading staff blogs, and we'd love for you to join us!

Community Central is actually the first Wikia community ever created. Our technical guy at the time (yes, just one!) created it as the hub of all the future communities to come. Over time, it has grown into an even more robust resource to provide help, support, and information to all communities on Wikia. This is the home of help pages, as well as a venue for blogs and forums about all aspects of Wikia. This is also only one of many Community Centrals, with all of our supported languages each having their own dedicated-language version for their community members.

Here's a fun historical fact: Originally, Community Central had a page for each community that was created by staff—yes, back then each community was created manually!—so that you could find information about everything Wikia had to offer. Of course, now we have a global search that will do this for you, but back then that hadn't been created yet. It's great that we have that now—can you imagine creating a page for every new community? That would be more than 300,000 pages, all maintained by hand!

You might not know that Community Central also provides a central place for special staff tools. These allow staff to manage the technical side of the vast array of communities and their settings. For example, if we need to change a community's name or URL, we do that here on Community Central.

Here are some other things you can find on Community Central:

  • Technical Updates. We post information on code changes, bugs, and other technical information twice a week. If you're interested in the technical side of Wikia, you might also be interested in following the Technical Updates blog feed.
  • Staff blogs. Wikia staff write blogs (like this one) to offer help, suggestions, and updates, as well as to introduce people to the wider Wikia community. If you are reading this, then you probably follow this blog feed already, but if not, you can by clicking here.
  • User blogs. We also have blogs created by the community. These are sometimes off-topic, but the best are ones about Wikia, Wikians, and Wikia communities. The very best are awarded a Community Highlight and get their own blog listing. This is another good one to follow.
  • Community Forums. If you need help on anything on your community, then the forums are the place to go. Our community has many experts on all-things Wikia who can help with anything from where to find simple editing help, to complex templates and custom code. The forum community here is awesome and very much appreciated.
  • Chat. Community Central's chat can also be a good place to get help and meet other community members just like you, from all corners of Wikia. If you want to talk directly to staff, try our Office Hours. There will always be staff in chat then.
  • Help pages. Help pages can be accessed from any community, but this is their home. We currently have around 260 help pages, and we add more as new features are developed.

These are just a few of the ways you can join or get help on Community Central. You can also ask to adopt a community, request a spotlight for your community, ask staff for help with your community's design and more!

Now we want to hear from you! What do you enjoy most about Community Central? If you're not here that much, what would make you want to join in? Community Central is operated by Wikia (with the help of our wonderful admin and chatmods team), but we operate it for you, so we're always working to keep it as a valuable resource for all fans on Wikia.

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